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April 24 2013

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Hmm. This takes me back.


This cat knows how to relax

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Missing the hometown.

Short Skirt Long Jacket

The man I fall in love with will be taller than me. He will have tattoo, and maybe some piercings. He will be able to cook, because cooking isn't my thing. He will have an amazing taste in music. He will take me out to see a movie or to get fro-yo. He will stay up all night to talk to me. He will have dark hair and maybe even some facial hair. He will walk around the house without a shirt on all the time. I know this may seem mean, but he will have a nice body. He will come hold me from behind while I'm cooking him breakfast in my underwear. He will tell me how beautiful I am when I'm crying. He will be able to handle me at my worst, keep me under control. He will have light eyes. He will be passionate. He will go to the store and buy me tampons and midol when I can't do it myself. He will want to have children one day and get married, not necessarily in that order. He will buy me flowers randomly, just because. He will sing to me, even if he can't sing. He will be my anchor through everything.

There is so much I want in a man. The only problem is, no one will ever love me. I can't even love myself.

Hello, my name is Taylor and I am ready for change.
If our love is tragedy, why are you my clarity?
— Rihanna
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